Tips for Small Business Owners Looking to Fix Operational and Financial Weaknesses

1. Develop a Comprehensive Business Plan A comprehensive business plan will help small business owners better understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can make more informed decisions about how to improve their operations. 2. Focus on Cost Reduction One of the best ways for a small business to address its operational and financial weaknesses […]

How to See the Challenges of Business in a Positive Light

While starting a business can be exciting initially, you may eventually come to a point where you second-guess your decision when there are more negatives than positives to face. However, it’s about how you approach the difficulties that can be the difference between them being overbearing or manageable. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by […]

Build Your Own Business in 8 hours

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and starting a business in Portland, OR, won’t happen overnight. However, many of the basics can be completed within the span of one workday. 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. — Choose Appropriate Business Ideas List your hobbies and interests. Include your lifestyle when brainstorming for business ideas. Do some […]

Six Signs You Need to Hire a Business Coach Yesterday

Hiring a business coach can be a big step for your business, but it’s almost always a step in the right direction. Still, if you’re an entrepreneur, it may be daunting to involve somebody else in your decision-making — and even more difficult to take their advice. Partnering with a business coach isn’t about handing […]