Six Signs You Need to Hire a Business Coach Yesterday

Hiring a business coach can be a big step for your business, but it’s almost always a step in the right direction. Still, if you’re an entrepreneur, it may be daunting to involve somebody else in your decision-making — and even more difficult to take their advice. Partnering with a business coach isn’t about handing over control, though. It’s about strengthening your business through the power of collaboration. If you’re still unsure whether a business coach is right for you, consider these six signs that you need to hire one — yesterday.  

When Your Business Is Struggling

1. Employee satisfaction is low. Unfortunately, many businesses face a moment of truth when discord between team members and management is revealed. According to research, 85% of workers have experienced conflict at work involving a manager. This conflict can arise for any number of reasons, but regardless of the cause, it indicates one thing — you might need to be a better boss. A business coach can help you strengthen your management skills and invest in employee satisfaction.

2. Your sales are on the decline. If you’ve noticed that sales are declining, it’s easy to feel helpless — or worse, you may feel inclined to shirk responsibility. Indeed, sales numbers are sometimes outside your control, but a business coach can show you how to keep these stats within your control — and on the rise.

3. You don’t have a clear business vision. It’s easy to slip into autopilot when you’re managing the day-to-day minutia of your business, but in doing so, you can lose sight of your original vision. When this happens, rebuilding it is tough. A business coach can help by illuminating your strengths and helping you set goals.

When Your Business Is Thriving

4. You need a strategy for managing growth. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that a business coach is just as vital in good times as in bad times. This is especially true when it comes to managing growth. If you have more clients than you know what to do with, a business coach can help.

5. Hiring enough employees is a challenge. If you have too many clients, you probably don’t have enough employees. Developing a recruiting strategy might be difficult, though, if you aren’t sure what kind of candidates you want or where to find them. A business coach can help answer these questions.

6. You need a new business plan. If you’ve seen exponential growth, it’s likely changed your business. This means it may be time to draft a new business plan. A business coach can help you do so and ensure that it covers your company’s marketing plan, financial data, projected sales, and even structure. For instance, if your business has grown so much that you now have shareholders and want to utilize the option of pass-through taxation, they may recommend setting up an S corp.

How to Find a Business Coach

If you’re not sure where to find an effective business coach, you can start by asking your friends for recommendations or seeking somebody in your field. When considering candidates, be sure to ask about prior success and communication preferences.

A Business Coach Can Offer Insight

Business coaches offer many unique services to clients, including help with problems and support for growth. No matter what kind of business you run — and whether it’s thriving or struggling — you can benefit from the services of a business coach for your business plan or recruiting efforts. If you feel overwhelmed, need motivation, or simply want to develop new skills, it’s time to enlist help.

Image via Pexels